Sensitivity Calcs, Architecture Notes

Top-Ranked 14 Proposals Displayed in Wavelength Coverage vs. Spectral Resolving Power Phase Space

Exposure time by science use case as a function of telescope diameter (based on Tom's spreadsheet, 2016-08-20), D. Leisawitz, 2016-08-30

Spreadsheet of Proposal Time Estimates, Sorted by Voting Rank, T. Roellig, 2016-08-20

Far-IR Interferometer: Strawperson Mission Concepts, D. Leisawitz, 2016-08-13

Far-IR Interferometry: a summary of options and trades, D. Leisawitz, 2016-08-09

Spatial resolution of an imaging interferometer, from Alex Iacchetta, 2016-08-04

Slides from Roser Juanola-Parramon's presentation to the STDT on 2016-07-22

Bradford single-aperture slides presented 22 July, Updated 3 August 2016

(removed chopping penalty in spectrometer sensitivities, added very wide spectral survey covering 5000 sq degrees)

accompanying latex doc:

Luminosity functions compiled, cast as SFR counts (per square degree in delta z=1 bins) (From Sunil Golwala for CSST).

Slides from Roser Juanola-Parramon's presentation to the MCWG on 2016-07-19

Slides from Matt Bradford's Presentation to the MCWG on 2106-07-19

(now superseded by docs above)

From Mission Concept Working Group (MCWG)   Envelope of Mission Measurement Capabilities  7/8/16 v0.4 (if needed please share with members of science working groups): 

Repository for sensitivity calculations etc.

updated July 13, 2016:  Bradford instrument concepts and performance estimates for single-aperture systems (pdf with a bunch of figs, tables, some text)

(now superseded by docs above.)