Meeting WebEx info

Meeting schedule: 16 Aug 0900-2100? EDT

                               17 Aug 0800-1700 EDT

Meeting URL :

Meeting number: 197 050 173

Dial-in info: 

United States of America+1-855-749-4750

France: 0800-914080 (toll free) +33-17091-8651 (toll)

Germany: 0800-189-9351 (toll free) +49-6925511-4406 (toll)

Netherlands: 0800-022-3351 (toll free) +31-20794-6701 (toll)

Spain: 900-86-6936 (toll free) +34-91769-9724 (toll)

Please log in to the meeting before using the URL before dialing in if you can.  Then use the attendee number provided to link your computer and phone sessions together.