OST Science Instruments

Instrument Accommodation Module (IAM) Instrument Design Lab (IDL) Pre-work presentation


All Instrument Leads are requested to fill out the Optical Design Input Questions form (shown below) and to submit it Joe Howard at GSFC on or before December 9, 2016.

Optical Design Input questions  (Task completed, responses to the questions are shown below in the List of Potential OST Science Instruments)

Field of Regard: Definition and Requirement Specification

Instrument Design Considerations (please read)

4 K Thermal Considerations

Instrument Presentations

Instrument team leads are asked to complete this ppt template and upload your presentation here by September 1, 2017:

HERO (heterodyne instrument) talk: HEROTemplateTalk2017Sept5.pptx

FIP talk: FIP_Instrument _Presentation.pptx

HRS talk: HRS_Istrument _Presentation.pptx

MISC talk: MISC_Instrument _Presentation.pptx

Requested Information from all Instrument Leads Due February 22, 2017

OST Initial Instrument Interface Requirements Request (please provide initial estimates as soon as possible)

Instrument ICD Inputs  (please provide initial estimates such as mass, power, instrument dimensions, etc.)

Instrument Presentation Template for the Fourth Face-to-Face Meeting on March 21 - 22, 2017

OST Instrument Presentation Template (Recommended template for instrument teams)

OST Instrument Inputs Summary (Excel Spreadsheet)

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Considerations

Master Equipment List Instructions and Form

Master Equipment List (MEL) Instructions and Guidance

Master Equipment List (MEL) template for Instruments and Flight Systems

List of Potential OST Science Instruments (includes contact information and the responses to the Optical Design Input Questions)

Instrument-teams (all instruments plus telescope team included)

Far-IR Imaging Polarimeter

Heterodyne Instrument

High-Res Far-IR Spectrometer

Medium-Res Survey Spectrometer

Mid-IR Spectrometer-Coronagraph

Link to MISC Instrument Web Site : http://exoplanets.astron.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/OST/MISC/index_misc.html