Meeting Minutes - OST STDT Bi-Weekly Telecon - April 20, 2018

Subject:OST STDT Bi-Weekly TeleconDate:4/20/2018
Purpose:To discuss science activities for OST.Facilitator:Asantha Cooray/Margaret Meixner

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Meeting number: 628 543 585

Audio Connection: +1-510-338-9438 US TOLL

Note Taker:Sydney Jones

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Discussion Items 

Additional Agenda Topics for 8th F2F

  • Discuss challenges at HQ with presidents budget, political landscape, etc. given OST (Kartik J. Sheth)
    • ACTION: Margaret Meixner will consider what time slot to include this in the agenda during the 8th F2F. May discuss this in the morning, or over dinner in the evening before the game starts. Send suggestions to Margaret for where this could fit in. 
  • Description about instrument capabilities. The goal is for STDT to understand what is kept in these instruments.
    • ACTION: Prepare excel file and extract instrument characteristic table and science questions table into a excel file, and then create a graphic when attending a AAS meeting.   
    • The purpose of this document is to provide a uniform document to ensure appropriate information is collected and work out an observing scenario with the observatory. This could be useful for mass observatory for the observatory scenario. Mass margins may be preliminary. 
    • Suggestions
      • Stefanie Milam need to have everything in one place, wavelength coverage, spectral sensitivity, resolving power, angular resolution, imaging, field of view, saturation, brightness and limits.
      • Thomas L. Roellig science goals, objectives and capabilities. Could have a separate handout including logos,
    • This could occur as a a breakout session in the late AM. 
    • David Leisawitz presented an overview of the instrument fact sheet template during the telecon. Email David Leisawitz for the template, or to provide feedback.
  • Those who are not permanent residents will not be able to attend the Lockheed martin tour
  • Transportation to the game - There are two trains that can take can take us to the Palo Alto, CA. 
  • ACTION: Email management group all 8th F2F meeting responses by  


  • ACTION: Desika Narayanan will dial in to the meeting in the morning of May 15-16, 2017
  • Public new articles (Fall 2018)
  • Nature astronomy - Cara will lead this. 
  • Attending other conferences - list is posted 
  • Forbes, science - ACTION: Margaret Meixner will reach out to Forbes contact. 
  • Slide Deck Talk - Trolled all presentations and add feedback for what info is good on the slides. ACTION: will email planetary group to get clarification on plots Desika Narayanan. Will have plots on slide by 
    • Explain Conecept 1 
    • Move to solar system and planets then discuss cosmology 
    • Currently trying to get plots in order 
    • Arranging slides as a talk 
    • How to we handle discussing Concept 1 and Concept 2? Concept 2 is the optimal observatory. Concept 2 will be cated in the report. 
    • Hardware in Concept 2 looks very different. 
    • Number of planets whith which we can do transit spectroscophy (40 in Concept 2 and 200 in Concept 1). 
    • Concept 2 can be realized in a decade, we are excited about the optimal science that can be realized within a decade. 
    • Concept 1, describe something that is technically feasible. Concept 2 can be executed in the current environment. 
  • October 23-24, 2018 COSPAR meeting. 
  • Colloquial meetings in the Fall 2018 and in Spring 2019. 
    • ACTION: Schedule advocacy telecom offline to discuss during week of  - Cara Battersby will send out invite this.
  • Graphics wish list - Tiffany Kataria is putting together a categorized wish list. 

Authorship Guidelines

  • Purpose is to provide guidelines on how to approach authorship for the study. 
  • List of voting members and non-voting members, as well as engineers is shown at the bottom of the document. 
  • Should there be a separate category for nature of astronomy article? Margaret Meixner suggested that all of STDT should be recognized in some way. ACTION: Margaret Meixner will look up STDT contacts to verify. Need to update Cara Battersby's place of work at Center for Astrophysics. 
    • ACTION: STDT to review OST STDT press release contacts and provide feedback to Margaret Meixner

Study Center Update Summary