Final Agenda with links to talks

...Linking of presentations is still in progress...

Day One – 21 March 2017

(note times of talks are notational as there was substantial discussion)

0830 Welcome/Introduction                                            Meixner/Cooray

0845 Study Office                                                             Carter

OST 'Strawman' Mission Concept Design

0900 OST Mission Concept Review                                Flores

0925 Telescope/Optical Designs                                     Howard

0950 Mechanical Design                                                  Jones

1020 OST Attitude Control System                                 Stoneking

1040 Break

1055 Thermal Architecture                                               DiPirro

1120 Thermal Modeling                                                     Fantano

1145 Mission ROM Cost Estimates                                  Flores

1215 Lunch

Exoplanet Science

1300 NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Overview  Mamajek

1310 UVOIR & HabEx Update and Exoplanet Science   Stapelfeldt

1335 ExEP Standards Team, Connect with OST             Morgan

1355 OST Capabilities for Exoplanet Science                 Leisawitz

1405 Exoplanets and OST Exoplanet Working Group    Kaltenegger

1435 Exoplanets and Coronagraphy                                Mawet

1505 Break

1520 Coronagraphy, Exoplanets and OST                       Nielsen

1550 Transiting Exoplanets                                               Stevenson

1620 Exoplanets, Transits                                                 Kataria

1650 Mid-IR Imager Spectrometer Coronagraph             Sakon

1720 Adjourn

Day 2 – 22 March 2017

(note times of talks are notational as there was substantial discussion)

Instrument Concepts

0830 Instrument Interfaces                                                Kellogg

0900 Instrument Trades                                                     Melnick

0920 Heterodyne Instrument                                             Wiedner

0950 Far-IR Polarimeter Imager                                        Staguhn

1030 Break

1045 High-Res Spectrometer                                             Moseley

1115 Med-Res Survey Spectrometer                                 Bradford

1145 OST Field of Regard                                                  Leisawitz

1200 Minimum Science                                                      Meixner/Cooray/Leisawitz

XXXX Lunch

General Discussions after lunch

Open discussion on and selection of on-axis versus off-axis telescope design

Open discussion on potential overlap between science instruments