Concept 2 Development

8th Face-to-Face Meeting

Date: May 15-16, 2018

Location: Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

                3251 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94304

Meeting Homepage:

Registration Link:

Documents for Concept 2 Workshop August 30-31, NG facility, Azusa CA

Agenda: Concept 2 Workshop agenda 20170824.docx    

Workshop Charter:  Workshop Charter 20170809.pptx Workshop Charter 20170809.pptx

Science summary for Concept 2 (Asantha): Cooray-OST-Concept2-Science.pdf

Concept 2 discussion (Johannes) Staguhn_Concept_2_discussion.pdf

Potential concept idea documents:

Rotating (rectangular) Synthetic Aperture: 10398-24_PaperRafanelli_7Aug2017am.pdf

Concept 2 ideas at the workshop: Concept 2 ideas.pptx

Biosignature (MIR only) telescope: biosignature_telescope.pdf

infrared: OST_ActiveMirrorDiscussions.pptx

Planck+ group.pptx

Clamshell: clamshell.pptx

6th Face-to-Face Meeting:

Date: September 14-15, 2017

Location: Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus 

PowerPoint Presentations Day 1: 

OST Study Office Status and Schedule - Ruth Carter - F2F 6 OST Study Office 20170913.pptx 

Mission Concept 2 - Margaret Mexiner - OST-Context-MC2.pptx 

The Origins Space Telescope Brief Overview - Margaret Mexiner - OST-Ove

Rise of Metals - Carl Ferkinhoff: ost_f2f_stci_rise_of_metals.pptx 

H2 Emission from Outflows driven by AGN and Stellar Feedback - Patrick Ogle: OSTH2 .pptx 

Mission Concept 1 Design Reference Mission: OST-MC1-DesignReferenceMission.pptx - Margaret Mexiner 


Design/Engineering/I&T issues related documents:

JWST OTE Mirror Development (Feinberg et al. SPIE paper)

Launch/Operations issues related documents:

Costing related documents:

Meeting Minutes:

6th face-to-face meeting minutes: 

Meeting Minutes_OST_Concept 2_Telecon_2017AUGUST24.docx

Meeting Minutes_OST_Workshop_Day1_2017AUG30.docx

Meeting Minutes_OST_Workshop_Day2_2017AUG31.docx

Concept 2 architecture decisions:

Final summary:  Copy of 2017.08.30 analytic hierarchy process worksheet (002).xlsx

Four concepts pros and cons: UNTITLED.pptx   OST_Concept 2 Pros and Cons.docx 

Template for MCWG/STDT presentation by 4 concept teams: Concept2-architecture-template.pptx